Studio Policies


Dancers should bring the following each day:

  • Proper attire for dance class. Dancers without proper dress attire for class will not be allowed to participate.
  • Extra water bottle.       

    Studio rules:

  •   Please do not bring expensive electronics or other valuables to the studio.
  •    Each student must follow the dress code.
  •    No gum chewing in class.
  •    Please help keep our studio clean. 


All registration and health forms and registration fees are due prior to your first class starting. If there are any changes during the year you will need to notify us promptly. 

    Monthly Tuition Payments:

  • Monthly tuition payments are due the 1st of every month. You may pay by cash or personal check at the studio. Checks are to be made payable to: Thrive Dance Miami.
  • You may also make payments online. A $25 late fee will be applied if we have not received your payment by the 3rd of each month a $30 late fee will be added for each additional week until payment is made. Please note, students will be suspended from attending class if you are a week late on payment. There will be a returned check fee of $35.00.
  • Monthly tuition is the same each month as holidays are already built into the schedule. Thrive follows the Broward County Public School schedule.
  • If your child cannot continue taking lessons from our studio, we ask to be notified or fees will continue to be charged. We do not prorate tuition for absences or vacations. NOTE: Monthly tuition payments & other studio fees are not refundable. 

    Pick Up:

  • Parents are responsible for making sure students are dropped off and picked up on time based on the time they registered for.
  • Students are not to wait outside the premises. No student (under 18 years) is to wait outside or leave the premises unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • No refunds or prorated tuition are given for missed classes. If your child is absent for more than a week there spot may be given to someone else.
  • Sign your child out when you pick them up from class. It is our responsibility to see that your child leaves with the appropriate person each day. Thrive Performing Arts staff will ask for identification of the person doing the pick up daily, so parents, or the authorized pick-up person shall present a photo ID everyday. Children will be released only to those authorized by the parent on the child's Registration Form.
  • It is the parent's responsibility to notify the camp of any changes in authorization. If someone other than these people must pick-up your child, a written note must be sent in ahead of time. Those picking up children should be prepared to show identification to Thrive Performing Arts staff member upon request. No child will be released to anyone who is not authorized to pick up that child. 

    Early Pick-Up:

  •  Please refrain from picking your child up early from class. If your child must leave early, please notify the school, on the morning of the designated day with a written note. The staff will have your child prepared to depart at your requested time. Remember that you will still need to sign your child out.  

    Class/Schedule Changes:

  • We will announce any class schedule changes as early as possible. If some classes are too full and we need to offer multiples of that class or if enrollment in a class is too low we may need to cancel or combine a class. We will make every effort to notify parents as soon as we are able. 

     Class Cancellations:

  • We will notify parents of cancellations due to weather through email and phone to those email addresses and phone numbers provided on registration forms.
  • Studio will be closed for holidays.
  • We require a week notice when stopping enrollment and billing.

      Dance Attire:

  • All students are required to wear appropriate dance attire and shoes based on the dance attire form. No jewelry. Please refer to the studio director for dance attire questions.
  •  All dancers are required to have their hair up in a tight bun. If students have bangs that hang in their face they need to be pulled back. If students come to class with their hair down they will be asked to put it up.

     Being Prepared for Class & Respectful to Teachers:

  • Students should be prepared for class 5-10 minutes prior to their class time (in their appropriate attire and shoes with their hair up).
  • Students must wait outside in the lobby until their class begins to not disrupt other classes.
  • Bathroom breaks should be taken during the first 5 minutes of class, otherwise it can disrupt the rest of the class (note: children need to be potty trained to attend class). All students need to be respectful of their teachers or they will be asked to sit out. 

      Parents Watching Classes:

  • Parents are not allowed to watch class inside the dance room where class is taking place. Parents are asked to wait in the lobby area to avoid distraction.


  • From time to time we will take pictures of students in the studio and at events we hold. Some will be used or marketing purposes. Parents agree that the photos are released to us for use and are not entitled to any payment for the photos. We may publish them on our website, social media accounts, printed marketing material etc.

    Personal Items:

  • Thrive is not responsible for any and all items you, and/or your child bring in to the dance studio. 

    Taking Care of our Studio:

  • Students are asked to pick-up after themselves. There will be specific spaces for coats and bags, items should not be left around the studio floors or waiting areas. 


  • In the event of an injury, Thrive will administer First Aid treatment by a qualified First Aider. If medical services are necessary and an ambulance is required, the student/parent will incur the costs.  
  • Injuries that occur on the premises will be recorded on an Incident report form. The parent/guardian of an injured student will be notified immediately following class of any injury that occurred. No tuition will be reimbursed due to an injury.
  • It is understood that dance is an activity with inherent dangers for injury. Our staff is professionally trained and will train students in the safest manner possible.
  • Thrive Performing Arts DOES NOT carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all students be covered by their own family’s insurance policy, and if an injury occurs, it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement. 


  • We ask that all parents have mindfulness when it comes to bringing your child that might be sick. If your child is ill, please call the studio so that we can let the teacher know not to expect your child in class.
  • Please do not send your child to the studio if they are sick. Much like school policies, your child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to class. IF YOUR CHILD DID NOT ATTEND SCHOOL DUE TO ILLNESS, PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM TO THE STUDIO!
  • If your child is at the studio and we determine that they have a fever or not feeling well we will call you to come and pick them up so they do not infect other students & staff. You are always welcome to make-up any missed class at your convenience.


  • Dance training is built on standards that reflect respect and professionalism. These standards include listening to your instructor, following directions, and adhering to the required dress code.
  • We expect our dancers to arrive on time, ready for dance, and to display courtesy to their parents, instructors, and classmates. Any misconduct unbecoming to students, guests, or instructors may result in suspension from class.
  • Talking, chewing gum, eating, drinking, sitting down, wandering in and out of the room, hanging on the barres, climbing on the mats or leaning against the wall are as unacceptable during a class.